Mastering Bird Photography

If you are like me, new to bird photography and you want to improve your technique of capturing birds. Search the internet, follow channels on YouTube these are numerous and some give you great tips. But for me a book in my hands feels great and once in my hands I find it difficult to put down until I have finished. The pictures are fantastic and gives you inspiration to go out and capture images that give you the WOW factor. A book I have been into is by the author Marie Read, in her book titled “Mastering Bird Photography: The Art, Craft, and Technique of Photographing Birds and Their Behavior” who is an acclaimed photographer, she shares her techniques that will assist you in improving your bird photography.

The book also gives you loads of useful information on camera settings, camera and lens choices and above all goes into detail about bird behaviour. This area is just has important has clicking the shutter. Understanding bird behaviour gives all bird photographers new insights into birds and how they act. So preparing you for that competition winning shot.

The featured image is one of my own and one of my best. Well I think so.LOL


      • Thanks for your reply. I am currently looking to buy a reasonable priced lens for wildlife photography and it’s always helpful to have an unbiased recommendation. Also, I just saw on another of your posts that you used to live in Thailand – I have just got back from 4 years in Bangkok. Small world!


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