Take Awesome Pictures of Flowers

Take awesome pictures of flowers. So lets start with basic tips to improve your quality of those

  1. We all love the blue sky, the sun shining. But the time of the day is very important to the quality of your picture. Taking pictures of flowers at high noon can be problematic. An overcast sky cuts out the harsh bright spots and there are no shadows, this can compliment the delicate petals of the flower. With this in mind makes it easier to get a good exposure.DSC_0065
  2. A problem with a windy day is the flower is moving around and will cause a blurred picture. To elevate this, use a piece of card to shield the flower from the wind.
  3. Stated in point one, light the sun, can have a major impact on your picture. However, back light will enhance the flower. The best time to capture this scene is when the sun is near to the horizon. The warm light will cast a glow over the flower. Also capturing the rays of light filtering through the tress onto the flower creates a very nice image.
  4. Get close to your flower to capture the detail of the delicate petals. A macro lens is used to get closer, I use closer up filters. They are cheaper for the beginner, I use them myself and have found the results very good.DSC_0039

Just a couple of simple tips to hopefully help you create awesome pictures of flowers.

I will post a few more tips on flower photography in the future.

Check out the video link below for more tips on close up photography with budget lens.


For a basic set of close up filters click the picture for more information.

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