Flying Canadian Goose

I waited for ages to capture the Canadian Goose in flight. A flock were swimming at a nearby pool, so I thought they might take off and would be able to capture them flying. After a while the birds were not in the mood to be obliging, so I started my way home. Walking down the lane I heard the familiar sound of the geese and yes there they were in full flight. I did manage to get a few pictures, but the one I like the most is the silhouette of one of the birds. A little different to my usual pictures, but still a nice shot.

DSC_5370_00001  A few facts about the Canadian Goose:

Largest goose and maybe our most familiar. They are a common bird across most of the country, nesting on park lakes, flooded gravel pits and reservoirs. Canada geese are not native to this country, having been introduced from North America about 300 years ago.

The Canada goose is a large goose, with a black neck and head, grey-brown back and white cheek patches.

This big “Honker” is among our best-known waterfowl. In many regions, flights of Canada Geese passing over in V-formation — northbound in spring, southbound in fall — are universally recognized as signs of the changing seasons.

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